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Our services include using our SPA WELLNESS pass: private locker, comfortable robe & sandals to use in the spa, towels, relaxation room, spa outdoor retreat (jacuzzi and relaxation space), and hotel pool and jacuzzi (based on availability).  *Limited hours usage so please check with our spa coordinator.

The Wellness      50min/*80min - $145/$199 | Creating the perfect massage for your body needs. This service                                                                      encompasses all the techniques our therapists are trained on to create the custom service. 
Muscle Work      50min/*80min - $135/189 | Deep tissue work for tired and tensed muscles.
Meditative            50min/*80min-$125/179) | The classic Swedish massage to help you relax the mind and the psyche.  

Focused                  30 min $85 | Combining light to firm pressure, we will only work on the areas most needed.
*80 min massage services may be available on weekdays only.

FACE                                                                                                                                                                                Our Aestheticians will customize the treatment for your skin needs. Choose your time options, and our provider will do the rest.  

Custom - Balance          50 min $135 |This facial is recommended to all guests.  Creating the perfect refreshing facial that                                                             re-balances the skin.
Custom - Target             50 min $155 & up |This facial is recommended to guests that have certain skin condition(s) to address.                                                   By utilizing result-driven ingredients and tools, we will cater the service to your needs.

Custom -Advanced        75 min $200 & up |This facial is recommended to most returning guests ready for an advanced                                                                  treatment that may include variety of facial machines and products for deeper epidermis exfoliation                                                        and collagen stimulation.

ENHANCEMENTS These prices are only available with a service received

$10 – Bio freeze: Alleviate specific tense areas through cold therapy

$20 – CBD: Experience the massage with CBD infused products (CBD massage lotion & pain cream).    


Infrared Sauna Therapy Session Add on before or after service (depending on availability)          

$30/pp – 30 min Infrared Sauna Therapy Session (20 min session, 10 min meditate)

$55/pp – 50 min Infrared Sauna Therapy Session (30 min session, 20 min meditate)


                                                           RETREAT (non-service)

                                                                                                                                                                                  Spa Wellness PASS

Price $40 (USE OF SPA FACILITY ONLY) -2hours usage upon arrival.

Take a break and enjoy a moment to yourself in our spa environment.  
The pass includes access to the following areas:  Locker room with amenities (robes/sandals/spa essentials), relaxation room, spa outdoor retreat (jacuzzi, 3-person infrared sauna for all guests, and relaxation space).  

-To create a serene, quiet, and relaxing environment, we allow a limited number of guests in our facility. Walk-ins may not be available, so we strongly encourage making reservations. 
-Online booking available for this pass for weekdays.  Due to limited availability, weekend Wellness Pass reservations are only made through phone or emailing us directly. 


Infrared Sauna Therapy SESSION

Take a moment to detox, increase circulation, and meditate in the comfort of your space.

This session does not include the rest of the spa facility).  

We’ve created a space that is comfortable where you can de-stress and melt the tension away with our private infrared dry sauna surrounded by Himalayan Salt rocks.  Our sauna uses infrared light to heat your body from within. 

Please note: We have two infrared sauna areas in our spa, one is for all guests use that is part of the Spa Wellness Pass, and this is a private space just for you during the reserved session time. 


Price (when reserving only Detox Space)

$40/pp – 30 min session (20 min session, 10 min meditate)

$65/pp – 50 min session (30 min session, 20 min meditate)


About Infrared Sauna

A traditional dry sauna uses heat to warm the air at a higher temperature which in turn warms your body superficially.  An infrared sauna uses invisible light to deeply penetrate heat in the body which gives you benefits in various ways.


               DETOXIFICAITON: Promotes sweating, helping your body eliminate toxins.

               MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF: Help release tension in the muscle.

               INCREASE CIRCULATION: Dilate blood vessels allowing oxygen to enter the cells.

               IMPROVE IMMUNITY: Helps increase white blood cells and lymphocytes.

               RELAXATION: Helps the body maintain healthy cortisol levels to relax & de-stress.


Mini Retreat PACKAGE

Price $70/pp Spa Wellness Pass + 30 min Infrared Sauna Therapy Session

Experience the best of both worlds.  Enjoy our full spa facility and a private session of our infrared sauna in our Detox space.  (Please see our description above for our pass and session information).

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