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How we approach facial treatments.

People often ask, how often should I get facials? Well, this depends on your skin. As an esthetician, when I approach a skin, I observe the skin type first, then examine the skin condition we are trying to combat, and depending on this, I will suggest the best treatment and

how often one should get a facial. Also, it's so important to know what my guest's priority concerns are with their skin. I may see one thing, but a guest may have something different in mind, so with my professional advise and their concerns, I'll formulate the prefect facial treatment.

We currently have 3 different type of facial services, and all of these are customized to one's skin needs. The variety of services differ by the type of products, the ingredient strength, and specific machine/equipment used in the treatment.

So, if you're unsure what to book, just ask our spa concierge to reserve a 50 min slot, and we can consult and find the best treatment for you! Happy Holidays!


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